Memories last a lifetime. We offer a plethora of photography services and solutions that you can treasure for generations. Our group of experts offer simple, creative, artistic and out-of-the-box photography solutions to meet your needs. We ensure that photographs speak a thousand words under the Lens & Lights banner.

We offer the following photography services at Lens & Lights Studio :

  • Advertising Photography

It is always the ‘image’ that captures the attention of the onlooker in an advertisement. Such powerful images bring a “brand remembrance value” and “brand recall value” in branding and promotions of a product / service / event. Such is the importance of using quality images in your advertisement. At Lens & Lights, we thoroughly understand the importance of the impact that an image can make; and hence we create perfect images to match your advertising needs.

  • Industrial Photography

It is important to present corporate pictures (be it factory or office) in such a way that the images give the client a virtual tour of the corporate. Photographs detailing the strengths and advantages that your corporate offers can be captured on lens and brought to light by Lens & Lights. Weather it is documenting a process at your industry through photographs or the profiling your organization can be done with great professionalism.

  • Portrait Photography

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
Marc Riboud

Family portraits can make a house a home. A personal portrait can go a long way in adding value to the empty space. We are glad to bring several generations of the family under one roof with our family portraits at Lens & Lights. Our personal and family portraits adorn the walls of our client’s home and work spaces and we are delighted to be doubled up as favorite accessories.


  • Wedding Photography

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. We take pride in saying that our photographs by themselves present a heavenly wedding on earth. We join your wedding celebrations and make the occasion more special with our everlasting photographs which captures the festivities and joy of the event in every frame and angle. We capture all the rituals and the ceremonies along with the moments and the emotions that are associated with the occasion, allowing you to treasure the precious memories and pass them on to generations.


  • Event Photography

We make every event significantly special, regardless the through shunning photographs. We capture the best moments of that you cherish for ages to come by. In case of corporate events, our pictures can spell the success story of the event. We bring any occasion or event can to life through our photography work.

  • Outdoor Photography

Sometimes the best scenes are presented beyond the four walls of. It requires a creative pair of eyes to sport the beauty that the outdoors offers. Our experienced professional crew will capture the sheer beauty of the subject that could be an individual or a product in the outdoors. We create astounding portfolios for both individual and products and make the images more lively and pragmatic with our outdoor photography.